New artworks of the art contest #makslauzvar

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Sandris Štāls “Store of Dreams”

Short information about the author:

I am 21 years old and photography is my passion. I am not a talented painter, I can only see the world through the eye of camera. It fascinates me, therefore I consider studying the art of professional photography. There is no doubt dreams do come true and everything starts with a little something, that is why I want to grasp this opportunity to participate in the competition and to introduce my photographs to others, to give joy, to give hope and to make people think of what they are blessed with and why it is worth living.

Short information about the work:

When at store, we can only buy what we can afford, depending on how much we have. But when at the Store of Dreams, everything is affordable — all you dream of, all you want to get, hope, joy, or anything else you desire. Just let your imagination fly and pay attention to your feelings and emotions instead of material values. Who needs them, while you can live?


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Sandris Štāls “I am Holding You”

Each of us may face problems, including me now, and there is no way of escaping them. But there are people around me helping me to cope with them. Each of us have our own guarding angel. Therefore, I am thankful for whatever life gives me, and you should do the same.

Irrespective of how we are, there is always someone with us. Someone who holds our hand, someone with whom we can share all the troubles and worries. We are not alone, and we may never forget that.


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Patients share their stories: Juris


The wife’s story of her husband’s experience with virotherapy. The patient and the author of this letter are known to us, but per request of the involved persons, we only publish their names.

Ingrīda about her husband Juris:

My husband would have died long time ago, if he would not use virotherapy.

In 2012, in Germany, Juris was diagnosed with prostate cancer with evaluation 8 that was rapidly growing. He had three large lymphatic glands in his stomach. The doctors did not advise to perform any surgeries.

Their estimate was that my husband could live approximately two years, not more. Back then, the PSA increased by 20 units per month, reaching 96, and the hormonal therapy could not stop it.

We decided to start virotherapy treatment. Virotherapy injections stopped development of tumours. After a year, the two large lymphatic glands ceased, and after 2 years, also the last one. The growth pace of prostate cancer increased, but very slowly. The virotherapy injections gave us a year free of hormone therapy that has many side effects.

Financially, it was not possible for us to use virotherapy, therefore we reduced it to once in 3 months which was a mistake. We had to return to hormone therapy and virotherapy the combination of which normalised PSA and consequently we could use virotherapy only.

I know other people who have used virotherapy.

For example, the chimney-sweep of our house has also been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he has the same results as my husband. Moreover, I know a scientist, whose name, however, I cannot disclose, who all her life was against the virus theory in the aetiology of cancer, but when she was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, she started using virotherapy and won the cancer.

Unfortunately, virotherapy is not an option to everybody, this should be changed as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,


With incentive bonus awarded one more artwork in the art contest organised by Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation

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Another artwork – Ilzes Kalvāne’s painting “Little Love” – was awarded with the incentive bonus of 200 euros in the art competition organized by the Aina Mucenice Virotherapy Foundation. At the meeting, when incentive bonus was received, the author shared with us her thoughts on art and its significance.

Artist Ilze Kalvāne: Art can change the world!

Ilze Kalvāne is a painter and illustration designer whose rich imagination serves as an inspiration providing her plots for her artworks. Kalvāne has studied illustration design at New York School of Visual Arts, and she has participated at several contemporary art exhibitions in Latvia, USA, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Belarus, as well as illustrated adult and children books in Latvia. Kalvāne has succeeded at art competitions all over the world. Her artwork “Little Love” was awarded at the artwork competition organised by Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation dedicated to support oncology patients.

Inspired from life in Latvia

I was born in Daugavpils and studied journalism and communication sciences at the University of Latvia, later I emigrated to the USA where I lived for more than nine years. Today, Latvia is my home, however, experience obtained abroad allows me to view developments and people in Latvia from an extraordinary point of view.
Although, I travel a lot, Latvia is my home. Experience in the USA has greatly contributed to the development of my art. There I acquired illustration design and skills of children book illustration at New York School of Visual Arts, however, as an artist I have grown the most after returning to Latvia. In Latvia, I started participating at art exhibitions and illustrated books, as life in Latvia inspired me to use my art for different purposes, not only to allow my audience to travel through the bright images and colours of my imagination, but also to draw attention to different significant processes and developments in the world.

Art can change the world

During my trips to different countries, I have noted that artists participating at exhibitions of visual art use their talent not only to generate profit, but also for charity and to solve different social matters. Artists join hands to provide help to those who need it the most to support and promote good ideas, to turn against the evil, to support their younger colleagues and to make the world a better place. Art is not just profit, it is a higher spiritual value, as art is the world and life as such. Everything that the world owns is art, from the spring sprouts up to the scientific achievements. Art helps to fight problems and make the world better. In Latvia, artists have different opportunities to participate at exhibitions, however, mostly those are of commercial nature. Latvia needs more such art projects that would make our country better and stronger, that would unite our society, solve urgent issues, pose questions, and provide answers. Only such art projects can help us to popularise Latvia in the world, as the world is interested in the good work of Latvia. I am delighted that some art projects invite artists to join hands and make other peoples’ lives brighter, therefore, I invite artists to participate at the art competition organised by Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation where it is still possible to apply.
Art is an eternal source of inspiration and a powerful weapon that can solve serious issues, heal and change the world. If my art can make the world a better place or help somebody, I will certainly use this opportunity. I hope, more different art projects will be organised in Latvia the aim of which will be not only to achieve commercial goals, but also to stimulate spiritual growth of the society and to help to solve urgent issues in different spheres.

Latvia lacks smiling

For me, art is the sense of life and calling where I look for a deeper value. Art is a communication with myself, the world, other inhabitants of the world and different developments. I do not paint landscapes or portraits. My artworks are created based on plots and images in the extraordinary world of my imagination, thereby allowing others to view it. Why to create artworks? Just to display them at prestigious exhibitions and see my name in mass media? It is not enough! The goal of my art is to create positive emotions, because Latvia lacks smiling. If my naïve painting can make at lease somebody smile, the mission of my art has been justified.

Art can impact politics

My art is good-natured and full of naïve, however, generally speaking, art can serve different purposes. Sometimes, artists can impact influential politicians and their decisions. For example, in the USA, an art project is organised whose goal is to draw attention to the last year’s presidential election, results, consequences, and possible solutions. Artists submitted very strong artworks for this project, mainly caricatures. I take part at this exhibition with an artwork of esoteric nature that depicts a bitten apple with seeds falling out from it. A negative artwork can also be a strong political weapon and significant part of information war.
Recently, I took part at an international exhibition in Russia, within the framework of St. Petersburg International Art Week, with my painting “Little Love”. It was deliberately, I want to bring peace to the world with my naïve art. My artwork ranked third at the avant-garde art competition, in the category “Naïve Art”.

Keep my inner child

Nowadays, we face a lot of negativism, in news, society and elsewhere. Therefore, I invite you not to lose your inner child we all have. This child will give you strength to view the world in a positive light. Just how children can do it. One of the things I would like to emphasise – art can heal. There are two dominating forces in the world – art and love! And my artworks unite both these things. Goodness and generosity are strong and I invite other artists to turn more to genuine charity and use their talent for higher purposes, give more to Latvia and that will make Latvia smile. My art is my contribution to Latvia. Several years ago, when I returned to Latvia, I was looking for answers to questions: “What can I do in Latvia? What Latvia could give me?” I knocked on many doors, but they all closed. Only one door opened for me – the one I drew myself, looking for an answer to a totally different question: “What could I give to Latvia?”


If you are an artist or you know one, send your artworks that would help inspire cancer patients in their fight!

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Patients share their stories: Eugenijus Šneideris


Rita Šneiderienė from Lithuania about her husband:

Talking about the medical history and treatment of my husband Eugenijus Šneideris, I always add:: “He got sick in Riga, and he’s getting treated in Riga”.

Many years ago, my husband went through army service in Riga, in an athletic company. He did long-distance running. Once in winter, it was very cold, he ran without a hat, and got a frostbite on his right ear, which was exposed to the cold wind. The frostbite was so bad that he could peel the skin off his ear like rubber. The ear eventually healed, and the frostbite did not remind of itself ever since.

Many years later, a birthmark-looking brown spot appeared on the right ear. Over a few years, the spot kept growing, and them stopped. Then, changes occurred that transformed the birthmark.

My husband made a big mistake not going to the doctor immediately. After consulting with the doctor, the events started developing rapidly. A lung X-ray, and all the necessary examinations were done. The surgeon made his decision:‘We need to operate urgently, there’s no time to lose. Every minute is at stake.’

The ground crumbled under our feet as it seemed that the life was over.

After the operation was over, and the bandages were taken off, I was shocked at what I saw. Only a small part of the ear was remove: the spot itself and a small area around it. The operation was done by a former plastic surgeon, a really good one — who nevertheless did not have enough experience in oncology. Another big mistake was made. My husband was sent for treatment and an operation to the Vilnius Oncology Clinic.

The first operation was completed on 13 December 2010. Diagnosis: (С43,2) right ear melanoma, II st. P T3a NOMO 2 kl. kat. After the operation, my husband was sent to a chemotherapist who did not prescribe any treatment.

Less than a year later, another mass appeared on my husband’s ear. Another operation took place on 23 March 2012. The same surgeon performed it. After the operation, a case conference was gathered, and a decision was made: we need another operation, because an insufficient area was removed. This operation was carried out on 12 April 2012.

By the end of 2012, the melanoma affected the lymph nodes of the neck. My husband survived a very difficult operation, after which he spent a few days in an intensive care unit. After the operation, the chemotherapist prescribed a chemotherapy course with interferon.

Just before New Year, my husband was given his first injection. It turned out to be the last, because an hour after it was administered, he almost died. He got shivers, convulsions, and there weren’t enough blankets to warm him up. Then my husband started turning blue, could barely talk. We spent a horrific night. Next day, my husband lost most of his ability to walk. It became clear that he would not survive this treatment. Our son was visiting us at the time. He is a microbiologist at the Biochemical Institute in Vilnius. He immediately objected against the chemotherapy and interferon, saying that it would kill his father, and that none of the scientists, his colleagues, who suffered from cancer were subjected to chemotherapy. Angered by this, my son went back to Vilnius without saying goodbye to me.

It was during this difficult time, after hard trials and suffering, that God helped us find out about treating cancer with virotherapy, about the ‘Riga virus’ medication.

For 10 years, I have been volunteering collecting funds to build a Franciscan chapel and the Centre of Spiritual Support for Cancer Patients. The Centre, which has almost been completed now, provides support to cancer patients, free of charge. The patients also meet the monks. During one of those meetings, I noticed an acquaintance, Egidijaus Kazlauskas. Egidijaus told me that he had melanoma, but was getting treatment in Riga, and gave me the doctor’s number.

I will never forget our first conversation with her. I was very stressed, crying, telling her about my husband’s illness. The doctor was so attentive and calm that I calmed down myself, and asked: ‘Doctor, is it going to help him?’ To which I got a clear and stern reply: ‘It helps others, it’ll help you’ (the conversation was about virotherapy).

I saw a glimmer of hope. I felt calm, confident in that everything will turn out fine, that virotherapy will help my husband. My son increased my confidence. As a scientist, he has much more access to information about treatment methods used throughout the world. He sent us all sorts of information. He and his colleagues knew about the ‘Riga virus’ and virotherapy, and they trusted this method.

We were received amicably in Riga. We met nice people, and a wonderful doctor. My husband was examined, all the necessary tests were made, and the doctor prescribed a 3-month course of treatment, put together an injection schedule, and set the date for the full blood exam, telling us to send its results to her. My husband felt more confident and calmer. He was under our doctor’s good, careful and attentive supervision.

He went through the injections very well. There were no secondary effects. I remember that on day 2 or 3, his face got rounder, began to change. The virus developed in Riga started showing its beneficial effect.

Meanwhile, another small mass formed on the ear. However, this time we got a good surgeon in Vilnius. He gathered five more surgeons and showed them the results of the treatment: ‘Look: surgeons in Klaipėda work like butchers. It’s a crime that plastic surgeons operate melanomas.’

A decision was made to amputate the ear. To think that I begged the doctor in Klaipėda to remove the entire ear from the start, and he just laughed: how would your husband live without an ear?.. Oncologists in Vilnius told that, had the ear been amputated immediately, the melanoma would have been removed and would not have entered the neck, because it was of a nodal type. My husband would have been completely cured.

The operation was completed. My husband felt well, because he knew that his body was saturated with ‘Riga virus’ injections doing their good work. We called our doctor in Riga to consult on how and when to make injections. We also got a lot of moral support.

The doctors in Vilnius heard about the ‘Riga virus’ and virotherapy for the first time. We told them where and how my husband was treated. I left them brochures about virotherapy.

In Vilnius, they found that the lymph nodes in my husband’s neck were affected, but stable. Now, we are confident in our knowledge, and we tell everybody that our reliable ‘Riga virus’ helps my husband and maintains his health. We tell everybody that only VIROTHERAPY can really cure melanoma.

Over the last few years, my husband regularly undergoes virotherapy treatments. And the result is obvious. After such a severe diagnosis, he now feels well, can work, lead a normal life. He even went back to running. We live in a resort town, there is the sea and a pine forest nearby. My husband jogs there once or twice a week. How would someone with a diagnosis like this be able to do it?

We can confidently say that virotherapy, virus injections, have enabled this.

My husband surprised everyone in Klaipėda! For the last 10 years, in May, there is a running competition to collect funds and build the Centre of Spiritual Support for Cancer Patients (where I have volunteered for 10 years). This competition, called Vilties bėgimas, was proposed and is organised by Franciscan monks Every year, it gathers some 5000 participants from many countries, including Latvia. Last year, I hear this during the award ceremony: ‘On the 10-km route in the senior group, 3rd place was taken by Eugenijaus Šneideris.’ I was so surprised, I dropped the award. I turned out that my husband joined the award without telling, knowing that I wouldn’t let him run 10 kilometres. Ten kilometres!I started crying, saying that he wasn’t being careful enough, that running could be harmful and could shake up his lymph nodes… Everybody was calming me down. I finally did when my son called and said that even if his father shakes up the lymph nodes, the viral medication will find the atypical cells and do what needs to be done. Because he is getting good treatment. This year, my husband ran in the competition again, and got another medal.

Eugenijus Šneideris who achieved such results is a living proof of the positive effect of VIROTHERAPY and virus injections.

People who have got a grim diagnosis are in dire need of spiritual support. Most of such patients come to our Centre of Spiritual Support for all kinds of help. When the patient has melanoma, the head of the Centre immediately directs them to us, so that we can tell them about our treatment and our experience with it. We brought virotherapy brochures to the Centre from Riga, so that all cancer patients could find out about it.

It is unfortunate that no such treatment is offered in Lithuania, because virotherapy and ampules with the medication are not available to those whom these could help.

Patients share their stories: Jane Bailey


I am Jane Bailey and I live in the colorful state of Colorado in the USA where I have enjoyed a very active life. Riding my bike everywhere, hiking daily, and spending hours swimming are just some of the many outdoor activities I enjoy regularly.

In January 2016, I was diagnosed with an ocular melanoma, a very deadly cancer with a 28% chance of survival. This cancer has a very high rate of metastases to either the brain, lungs, or liver due to circulating stem cells. Removing the eye does not change the statistics because the stem cells are still within your body. I did however have my eye removed due to the tumor growing in my central vision. For years before my diagnosis, I had already made the resolve that if I ever faced cancer, I would never ever do chemo or radiation. You see, I was the prayer administrator on a page with many cancer patients. Chemo never worked… NEVER. Oh, there were celebrations of “remission” but the same beautiful souls would show up again with a different and more aggressive cancer. Chemo and radiation do not take out the STEM CELLS. So, my search began for something that would. Virotherapy and virus developed in Riga was the answer. My husband and I read over most of the Latvian studies and trials finding that virotherapy medicine developed in Riga is a live virus which effectively unmasks the hiding STEM CELLS and strengthens your own immune system to the point where the STEM CELLS can be eradicated. Once I began treatment, I felt stronger, had more energy, and was filled with Hope for the future!