Patients share their stories: Jane Bailey


I am Jane Bailey and I live in the colorful state of Colorado in the USA where I have enjoyed a very active life. Riding my bike everywhere, hiking daily, and spending hours swimming are just some of the many outdoor activities I enjoy regularly.

In January 2016, I was diagnosed with an ocular melanoma, a very deadly cancer with a 28% chance of survival. This cancer has a very high rate of metastases to either the brain, lungs, or liver due to circulating stem cells. Removing the eye does not change the statistics because the stem cells are still within your body. I did however have my eye removed due to the tumor growing in my central vision. For years before my diagnosis, I had already made the resolve that if I ever faced cancer, I would never ever do chemo or radiation. You see, I was the prayer administrator on a page with many cancer patients. Chemo never worked… NEVER. Oh, there were celebrations of “remission” but the same beautiful souls would show up again with a different and more aggressive cancer. Chemo and radiation do not take out the STEM CELLS. So, my search began for something that would. Virotherapy and virus developed in Riga was the answer. My husband and I read over most of the Latvian studies and trials finding that virotherapy medicine developed in Riga is a live virus which effectively unmasks the hiding STEM CELLS and strengthens your own immune system to the point where the STEM CELLS can be eradicated. Once I began treatment, I felt stronger, had more energy, and was filled with Hope for the future!

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