Artists Mareks Odumiņš and Una Lekuze are awarded incentive bonuses at the art contest “Art wins!”


It is common that during national holidays, people who have achieved a lot in their fields are awarded. Just before the celebration, within the framework of the contest “Art wins!”, incentive bonuses have been awarded to artists Una Lekuze and Mareks Odumiņš. Mareks, paints with the paintbrush in his mouth, due to severe injuries he has sustained to his body.

During the award ceremony, artist Una Lekuze said that art has always been in her life. “Although, when I was a child, I considered such professions as doctor and lawyer, when I graduated from school, I devoted myself to art completely. Painting was a necessity to me! Painting is a mystery – one can never know, how long it will take to finish a painting and what the result will be. I have some paintings that have took me a year, other artists sometimes paint one painting for years and when viewing a painting, one can see how easy or difficult it has come. Sometimes everything happens as I want to, but sometimes, the work develops differently,” said Lekuze.

Artworks can inspire people and help them to retain optimism and cheerful mind in difficult situations. Artists themselves need inspiration and they find it in different places. Una Lekuze tells about her inspirers and idols: “My first mentors in the art world were Kārlis Dobrājs and Inta Dobrāja, these artists will remain close to me forever. I also adore the work by Imants Vecozols. In my opinion, he is one of the most wonderful Latvian artists. As to the foreign artists, the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt is also my great inspiration.”

Artist Mareks Odumiņš turned to painting after a severe injury. In the beginning, art was his hobby, but now, his artworks are very demanded and respected. “Initially, it was not even painting, I was just messing around with acrylic paints, afterwards, I got interested more and more. I gave my artworks as gifts to people and I saw they liked them. This made me happy and I wanted to create more. Then I was asked if my paintings can be bought and then I thought I could earn money by painting. To me, art is a way how to tune out. When I paint, I am completely relaxed. With a painting I can show everything I have in my heart and soul, I can give all the light to others,” said Odumiņš.

The art competition “Art wins!” organised by Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation goes on. Each and every artist, emerging artist, or enthusiast is invited to submit their artwork dedicated to inspiring people who fight oncological disease.

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“Climb for Cancer” chronicle

Look back to the two-week-long expedition, where representatives from six countries — eight oncology patients reached several mountain peaks, thus showing support to effective and considerate cancer treatments and proving to the world that diagnosis “cancer” is not a death sentence.

Part of the team reached also the highest summit of the Alps – Mont Blanc at the altitude of 4810 meters.

Eight patients who call themselves “cancer warriors” made their way up the mountains by overcoming themselves and their illness, thus inspiring other patients and proving that you can reach the highest goals and overcome most difficult obstacles even if you have cancer in advanced and late stages, if you use considerate and efficient treatment. The group started its expedition on 29 July and peak by peak enjoyed the French Alps.

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Participant of initiative “Climb for Cancer” Solyzhan Elsunkayev received award for his contribution to the development of virotherapy

IMG_9341 2

On Thursday, November 9, one of the founders of Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation, the grandson of scientist Aina Muceniece Jurģis Auziņš personally arrived in Chechnya, at workplace of “Climb for Cancer” team member S. Elsunayev who works at Chechen election commission and in front of his principal Umar Baihanov and colleagues, solemnly presented him with award for the contribution to the development of virotherapy.

S. Elsunkayev was honored for his courage to accept the challenge to participate in “Climb for Cancer” expedition and attempt Mont Blanc to inspire and support cancer patients around the world.

Last week three Latvian “cancer warriors” Mrs. Zane Cinglere – Kraukle, Mrs. Indra Vālande and Mr. Jevgēnijs Odincovs also received awards for their role in the expedition.


An invitation to sign an open thank-you letter addressed to the scientist Aina Muceniece


In response to invitation by cancer patients, Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation has drafted an open thank-you letter on the contribution of the Latvian scientist to medicine and availability of the anticancer medicine she developed. The Foundation, patients, their friends and relatives, and some Latvian oncologists already signed the letter thus expressing gratitude to the contribution of the outstanding Latvian scientist to the development of anticancer medicine.

The letter underlines the importance of virotherapy in lives of many people and expresses gratitude for the availability of the virotherapy medicine developed by the scientist. It thanks medical professionals, the State of Latvia, its representatives and all people whose work has resulted in the possibility for many patients in Latvia and abroad to access this safe and innovative cancer treatment.

The first to sign the letter were patients from Latvia who participated in the initiative “Climb for Cancer” organised by the Virotherapy Foundation in the Alps this summer. They challenged the mountains and proved that diagnosis “cancer” is not a death sentence.

“Climb for Cancer” participant Indra Vālande says: “I am a victim of the “traditional cancer treatment”. Twice. I think that people must be able to choose between treatment methods. If I had to continue treatment I would choose virotherapy, because I know people whom it has helped. That is why I signed this letter.”

Virotherapy Foundation invite virotherapy patients, their friends and relatives, and other people who admire the work and results of Aina Muceniece to sign the letter on the Virotherapy Foundation website. You can also sign at Aina Muceniece Virotherapy Foundation office, P. Brieža iela 15, Riga, on working days from 10.00–17.00.

Participants of “Climb for Cancer” are awarded for the contribution to the development of virotherapy


On Friday, 3rd of November in the ceremonial atmosphere A.Muceniece Virotherapy foundation awards were presented to three courageous cancer warriors – Mrs. Zane Cinglere-Kraukle, Mrs. Indra Vālande and Mr. Jevgēnijs Odincovs who participated in the initiative “Climb for Cancer” this summer. We send warm greetings to the participants of the climb that could not join us today – Elita Bušmane (Latvia), Kristina Jakovenko (Ukraine), Solyzhan Elsunkayev (Chechnya) and Zoja Sokolova (Russia).

Awards were presented by Jurgis Auzins, Chairman of the Board of Rigvir Holding and grandson of Mrs. A.Muceniece. He expressed gratitude and appreciation to the awardees for their courage and commitment to take the challenge of climbing Mont Blanc to inspire and support cancer patients around the world.